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First AI-NET plenary Meeting at Telia Company

First AI-NET plenary meeting hosted by Telia Company premises in Stockholm, 4th-7th of October 2022. We discussed the latest achievements, joint collaborations, e2e demonstrations, and sketched a nice roadmap to move forward!

ECOC 2022 | Fraunhofer HHI

F5G Use Cases for Industrial Automation

The digital transformation of industrial automation is one of the most vibrant eco systems placing stringent requirements on the communication infrastructure. In this presentation we will highlight industry 4.0 applications, their requirements and initial results of proof-of-concept (PoC) experiments. We will also provide an outlook on currently emerging open lab infrastructures in Berlin that will enable collaborative work on future F5G and beyond industrial use cases and PoCs.

ECOC 2022 | Fraunhofer HHI | Demo

Automated Dataset Generation for QoT Estimation in Coherent Optical Communication Systems.

We demonstrate sophisticated laboratory automation and data pipeline capable of generating large, diverse, and high-quality public datasets. The demo covers the full workflow from setup reconfiguration to data monitoring and storage, represented on a digital replica of the setup and updated in near real-time.

ECOC 2022 | Fraunhofer HHI | Demo

Demonstration of a Real-Time ML Pipeline for Traffic Forecasting in AI-Assisted F5G Optical Access Networks

We showcase a proof-of-concept demonstration of a ML pipeline for real-time traffic forecasting deployed on a passive optical access network using an XGS-PON compatible telemetry framework. The demonstration reveals the benefits of fine-granular telemetry streaming for QoS monitoring and adaptive capacity adjustment of end-customers

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